Watershare communities in operation

Watershare, the international collaboration in which water sector-proven methods, techniques and experiences are shared and applied, was well on track in 2017 with the launch of three Communities of Practice (CoPs): Resource Recovery & Upcycling, Future-Proof Water Infrastructures and Resilient Urban Water Management. All three were launched at Aquatec during the Amsterdam International Water Week, where the members of the existing CoPs – Emerging Substances and Subsurface Water Solutions – also met. We also enlarged the Watershare Tool Suite with two new tools: Governance Capacity Analysis for water governance challenges, and PIPE-Works for inspection techniques for water mains. Other 2017 highlights included the new Watershare membership of the Chinese Pome Technology, the Annual Meeting hosted by the South-African partner WRC, and the presentation of the Urban Water Atlas for Europe which contains work involving the City Blueprint tool.