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New Power-to-Protein website: all about producing protein from wastewater

The Power-to-Protein concept is attracting a great deal of attention. The process involves the highly efficient production of protein from raw materials – like ammonium, carbon dioxide and hydrogen (as power) – which originate in our own wastewater. A special group of bacteria are used in the process to produce so-called ‘single-cell protein’ (SCP). Emeritus professor Willy Verstraete came up with the concept. For some time now, a small reactor has been running on a laboratory scale and, beginning this week, the new Power-to-Protein website has been online offering extensive information on the innovation.

The media have frequently used phrases like ‘protein from wastewater’ or ‘from the sewage to your plate’. Our attention is sparked because it is easy to picture. But the subject also needs nuancing. The single-cell protein produced isn’t just served up to you on your plate: SCP is an intermediate product, and extreme attention is paid to its quality and hygiene before it is used for the production of food or animal feed. You can learn more about all this on the new Power-to-Protein website, which KWR, together with its TKI Water Technology partners, has just launched. The site provides background information and details of completed and ongoing research.

Testing protein production and quality on-site

KWR and Avecom, together with Waternet, AEB (Waste Energy Company), Waterkracht and Barentz Food & Nutrition, recently began work on the design and construction of a pilot installation to produce 1 kg of protein daily. The Power-to-Protein concept will thus be tested on-site this year. The importance of the installation is not only related to demonstrating the operation of the system under practical conditions, but also to testing the quality and quality control of the protein produced.

More information

If you’d like to know more about this subject visit www.powertoprotein.eu or contact Frank Oesterholt at KWR. You’ll find further information about this and other TKI Water Technology projects at www.tkiwatertechnologie.nl.

Nieuwe website Power-to-Protein alles over het maken van eiwitten uit afvalwater