Year Review 2016

New IWA/KWR book describes stress-test for future-robustness of distribution networks

KWR collaborates with IWA Publishing to make relevant knowledge about drinking water available worldwide. Claudia Agudelo-Vera and Mirjam Blokker of KWR have written the ebook, Developing a Stress-Test to Assess Drinking Water Distribution Systems Under Changing Demand, in which they present a methodology to analyse the robustness of a drinking water distribution network under various future water demand scenarios. Such analysis is of great importance because the drinking water distribution network is a critical and costly infrastructure, which has to function for many decades under rapidly changing circumstances.


The stress-test is applied to three existing networks and to one theoretical design. The results demonstrate that the pilot areas are robust: even when water demand shows extreme variations, managerial and operational adjustments can be implemented which limit the consequences of possible head losses, low velocities and long residence times. The book can be immediately ordered and downloaded at the IWA Publishing website.