WiCE roadshow 14 December – ENERGY: wind, sun … and WATER

Event details

Besides the sun and wind, water can play a key role in the energy transition. Within the Water in the Circular Economy (WiCE) research programme, water utilities explore with other stakeholders how they can contribute to the transition to sustainable energy and a circular economy.

On 14 December at Waterbedrijf Groningen, you will be able to see how the utility and the city of Groningen and its surrounding areas are collaborating in making the transition to the energy provision of the future. We will also present the initial results of the WiCE Power-to-X research project: this involves using sustainable solar energy and water to produce hydrogen, and exploring the possibilities offered by subsurface heat storage as an energy-transition accelerator.

We’ll bring you up to speed on the Water Authorities’ initiative to put aquathermal energy on the map, and several water utilities will be making pitches on new initiatives in the area of sustainable energy supply. We also invite you to come and present your own initiatives and engage in discussions with the audience.

The event is being organised by Waterbedrijf Groningen and KWR in the framework of the Water in the Circular Economy research programme, a collective initiative of the water utilities.

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09.30 – Reception

10.00 – Welcome and start of programme:

  • ‘Waterbedrijf Groningen and the energy transition’ by Riksta Zwart, director, Waterbedrijf Groningen
  • ‘WarmteStad (WarmthCity) Groningen’ by Theo Venema, project manager, Energy and Water, Waterbedrijf Groningen
  • ‘Power-to-X’ by Els van der Roest, researcher at KWR
  • ‘Hesla-Tesla on hydrogen’ by Stefan Holthausen, director, Holthausen Clean Energy
  • ‘Subsurface heat storage as accelerator of the energy transition’ by Niels Hartog, researcher at KWR
    ‘Aquathermal Energy Programme’ by Erik Kraaij, Dutch Water Authorities
  • Pitches of initiatives/projects by water utilities: ‘Zon op Water’ (Sun on Water) by Dirk Mathijssen of Evides, ‘Prospect of 100% own production from renewable energy’ by De Watergroep, ‘Aquathermal energy’ by Waternet


14.30 – Wrap up

14.30 – For the enthusiast: Visit to the Waterbedrijf Groningen project ‘Energy & Water in Hoogezand’ (circa 800 meters from the location).