Consultations on the QC protocol of the joint provinces, with Rijkswaterstaat, the BRO programme office and DICTU

Meeting on the quality control (QC) of groundwater data and the BRO

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  • Date
    09 Oct 2017
  • Time
    2:00 – 4:00
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Data quality plays an important role in the inter-relationships and responsibilities of the different stakeholders who are and will become involved in the Basisregistratie Ondergrond (BRO) [Subsurface Key Register]. The measurement network managers’ platform of all of the provinces represents an important pioneering step in this field. Working with and for these parties, KWR has developed a substantively well-designed QC protocol and associated QC system. Rijkswaterstaat, the BRO programme office and DICTU are interested, and the consultations will focus on possible joint use and further development of the QC protocol and QC methods.