Market-driven innovation central to water technology

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Join us at KWR in Nieuwegein on Wednesday morning, 21 February 2018, and discover how to effectively combine the demand for innovation and developments in water technology. You are cordially invited by NWP and Water Alliance. The programme includes presentations and break-out sessions on the specific innovation needs of end-users and concludes with a network lunch. Register now!

Recovering resources from water streams and sludge

One of the break-out session is dedicated to the recovery of resources from water streams and sludge. ‘Recover everything it’s got’ is an aspiration of waste processors, recycling companies and waterboards on the path to a circular economy. The valorisation of organic and inorganic residual streams by recovering valuable materials and products from wastewater streams – e.g., struvite , terpenes and (rare) metals – is a challenge and requires the optimisation of processes, new ideas and innovation. There is a need for innovative companies that offer the right technologies or solutions for the extraction of raw materials from residual streams. Besides the technology, the economic aspects are also key, namely, the sale of the recovered raw materials. Does your company have a solution or are you busy developing one in this arena? Then come to this break-out session and learn about what you can recover!

TKI Water Technology

The demand and supply of innovation in the field of water technology will be brought together in the session. The meeting on 21 February is being organised with the support of TKI Water Technology of the Water & Maritime Top Sector.

TKI Water Technology focuses on innovation themes in the areas of resource efficiency, smart water systems and sustainable cities. KWR organises demand-driven research projects within these themes in partnerships with public sector end-users (water companies, waterboards and municipalities), industrial end-users and businesses (suppliers, engineering consultancies). This promotes efficient knowledge development and application of innovations in the field of water technology.

Businesses that would like to receive TKI support for their research and innovation investments through our knowledge institute are invited to contact us. We then jointly develop suitable collaboration projects and innovation activities. KWR takes the main responsibility for the project plans, working of course closely with the businesses and other project partners.