Interactive symposium: Risk Perception

Event details

On Wednesday afternoon, 15 May, an interactive symposium will be organised at KWR on risk perception and tap water. The symposium concludes the BTO Risk Perception project, a joint research effort by the Chemical Safety, Customer and Treatment theme groups. During the symposium we will jointly review the key research results. What are the perceptions of the different customer groups? What are the customers’ needs? And what does transparent communication about risk mean?

A great deal of attention will be directed to the question of how the project’s lessons can be made applicable in practice. Prof. Antoon Opperhuizen, director of Risk Assessment & Research at the Netherlands Food and Product Safety Authority (NVWA), will make a presentation on the fipronil incident, providing lessons from experiences within the food sector.

The symposium is aimed at BTO drinking water professionals with a special interest in drinking water safety, communications and/or customer questions.