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The water sector as a reliable supplier of commodities recovered from the water cycle

Water is probably the most circular resource on earth. So it’s hardly surprising that the…

WarmingUPdate: where are we now, where we are headed?

...Water in the Circular Economy programme – WiCE) on the development of energy from drinking…

Multiple values of water

The Implementation of Multiple Value Creation project began this year as part of the Water…

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Sustainable resources

...the circular economy is founded on the principle of ‘circular by design’. Products and processes…


Stakeholder involvement and governance

...this field. Water in the circular economy: multiple-value creation In order to effectively address the…

Looking ahead

Futures studies and response strategies

...transition, climate adaptation and the transition to a circular economy. It is in this changing…

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Kees Roest PhD BSc

Senior scientific researcher Programme coordinator TKI Water technology

Christie Stuut-Klaucke MSc

Communications consultant

Stefania Munaretto PhD

Scientific researcher
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About KWR

...is the only way we can realise technical and social solutions. We consider water in…

Annual report 2015

The circular economy as social contract Society in large portions of the world is in…

Research agenda and quality assurance

...broad context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. The Circular Economy is already guiding many of our…

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