As far as possible, gear the asset management to the customer’s wishes

The customer’s wishes and expectations and the managing of assets

Stijn Brouwer MA MSc PhD, Ralph Beuken MSc

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In this project, we will be developing knowhow about the wishes and expectations of both household and non-household customers. Knowhow about customers will be provided and discussed with companies as specifically as possible. As part of this project, specific proposals will be made about the way in which the management of and decision-making process for assets – with regard to performance, risks and costs – can be optimally geared to the wishes and expectations of household and non-household customers.

Profiling the household and non-household customers

The thematic research topic known as ‘Customer’ uses a survey to systematically catalogue the various customers’ viewpoints for four types of household customers in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). Within this topic that is the Customer, the research findings are interpreted as to their opinions and significance and are placed within a broader social context. As part of the current research project, this knowhow is deployed in order to ensure that decision-making about asset management dovetails better geared to the diversity of individual household customers and their broad range of needs, expectations, wishes and concerns.

The existing literature along with discussions with customer relationship managers will then be used to draw up a list of profiles of non-household customers that also tie in with the profiles used to denote household customers.

Translating customer profiles into a decision-making process for assets

  1. Investigate customer viewpoints for the managing of assets, for household customers
  2. Options for deploying asset management to capitalise on household customers’ viewpoints
  3. Investigate customer viewpoints for the managing of assets, for non-household customers
  4. Options for deploying asset management to capitalise on non-household customers’ viewpoints