KWR research and services continue, visiting options limited

KWR during the corona crisis: a new phase

KWR’s research and services are continuing as usual during the corona crisis. With the decline in the number of corona infections, KWR has entered a new phase. There are now limited options to visit us by appointment at our premises in Nieuwegein for meetings or work.

Measures during the crisis

Meetings at the KWR premises have not been possible in recent months and most of our colleagues were working from home. Now the corona measures have led to a fall in the number of Covid-19 cases, KWR has launched a test phase for safe and healthy working in the ‘new normal’, with more colleagues in the building.

Visits by appointment

The default approach is to organise KWR meetings through video or telephone conference calls. That means that our experts are easy to reach. Since 8 June, you can also make an appointment to visit or meet at the KWR premises in consultation with a KWR expert if that is necessary. Additional hygiene measures have been introduced in the building.

Laboratories and crisis expert services

Our laboratories have remained operational throughout the crisis for the purposes of research for the vital water sector. Our crisis expert services have also been operating as they always do: the Water Hotline (24/7 for water companies) and our laboratories are available. The KWR experts can be reached in emergencies: the environment and drinking water Crisis Expert Team (CET-md), the radiation and nuclear Crisis Expert Team (CET-sn) and the National Laboratory Network for terrorist attacks (LLN-ta).

RIVM recommendations

It goes without saying that we are complying with the recommendations of the Dutch authorities (RIVM) and keeping a close eye on developments in the Netherlands and abroad. In that way, we can respond in good time and in accordance with the latest insights in consultation with our clients and partners.

KWR investigates coronavirus

KWR is conducting intensive studies on a daily basis of the presence of the coronavirus in sewage water for both Dutch and international clients. Moreover, we know from our expertise and research that Dutch drinking water is well protected. We have close contacts with the Dutch water companies and Vewin about this issue.

If you have any questions, please get in touch

We keep the information on our website up to date. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please call the central number +31 (0)30-6069511 or your usual KWR contact.